Well I receive messages on my YouTube account and my Yahoo account and I have messages saying "Hey Johnny imp a Christian and I see your an Atheist ,well if you die someday and you don't have Jesus accepted into you're heart and then you go to Hell?” Then I resend back and say well how can I tell if imp going to die and I say” Well there hasn't been any proof or evidence or Gods existence” Well what I’ve been thinking to myself lately what if imp wrong and the Bible is right and I die as an Atheist and I don't have God in my heart and I say well yeah what if that is true and I do die and I find out God is real well if I do die and I find out he is real and I go to Hell without accepting him into my heart, well then that is just a part of life but and another message I got is from another Christian and he said quote" Hey Johnny my name is Dennis and I’m a Christian pastor in Neworleans Lousianna and he said I can see you live in New Orleans and he said if you want to you may come to my church if you want to, but btw Johnny I see your an Atheist and he said I see you practice Witchcraft and he said what if you die and you go to Hell?" Well I then replied "Hey Dennis yes you right what if I do die and I’m wrong and I go to hell, but what if I’m write which I believe I am and what if I die and I am write?” So what I’m trying to get out of this session is basically how we believe and live but what if I am wrong and when I die I didn't accept God into my heart and I go to hell, now we all know that will never happen well at least not in this chapter in life. Well see you all soon:)




          -Johnny White A.K.A. MasterChueng

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