Ok now this is the advanced session even though it is just a dice but if you haven't practiced my two other steps or my concentration steps you might want to do that first because the main goal of this session is to get the dice to float about one or two feet in the air and how you are going to do that is focus on you're energy making the dice float about one or two feet in the air and if it falls that’s ok because you need to get the hang of it to make it float higher and longer in the air and to do that for this exercise you must take 30 deep breaths now you're probably thinking to yourself now saying 30 deep breaths and saying that’s crazy but in actuality that will help and I know you might hate me for this but there is one more technique for this ok but if you remember in my concentration technique when I explain that you need a Post-It note and you write the numbers 1 through 10 and you make 1 and 10 bigger then the other numbers well if you still have what I told you to write down on the Post-It note or if you even did it with the Post-It note but yes so if you still have it the main goal is to look at 1 and 10 and keep you're focus on it and if any thoughts come into you're head just shove them out and yes so good luck peace:)





        -Johnny White

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