I want to talk about a specific subject:Mind Control,not the hypnosis Mind Control but mental focus Mind Control.So there have been many cases over the past seven centuries about Mind Control,and many people claimed to perform it,i'm not being a skeptic but what i'm concerned about is that mental Mind Control hasn't really been demonstrated.There are many illusionists such as Criss Angel,David Blaine,and David Copperfield,and the list goes on and on,but these illusionist and magicians show and demonstrate there acts on their abilities.Hence i'm not saying that this ability doesn't exist i'm just saying where lies the evidence or demonstrations of this power?

Yes in Las Vegas Nevada there are many real hypnosis shows but not really controlling anyone,just manipulating their brain capacity and status.


James Bittow and Josh Faeld are seekers of truth and spends their free time researching and practicing psychic abilities such as mental Mind Control,to try to help others discover their abilities.This article was written exclusively for this website and can not be used on another site without the expressed written consent of the author.

                       -Johnny White

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