Ok so this is an introduction article to my new worker for my website and her name is Bridget A.Burns she is a Female she is 25 years of age she is married to a man named Simon Burns and she works for my website and helps me with the designs and animation for my site.She also practices a psychic abillity aswell she practices Intuition she recently started practicing four months ago and she is starting to see results she is using one of my steps she is using my Third-Eye Meditation excercise and she has already turned on here Third-Eye.She is Native American aswell (Hopi)she has a child named Maine and she is 5 years old and Bridgets religion is Scientology and she has been practicing Scientology since she was 4 years old she got introduced to it since her Dad Raine Millin got her into it and her Mom Barbara Millins was a Catholic-Holian.Bridget lives here in Neworleans that is how I found her because I was looking for a website building residents and I went there and I payed her $300 dollars to build me a website and I payed her another $300 dollars to build me my other second website www.Learn-Magic.yolasite.com. Bridgets Mom and Dad live Massachusetts 'city not told because Bridget didn't give permission for me to tell you her parents or her address.You can contact Bridget at BridgetAbcBurns@yahoo.com. Bridgets phone number is 1(504)368-7198 (cell phone) her house number is 1(504)368-9580.Hope you enjoyed this,hope you all read my other upcoming articles.
















                               -Johnny White

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