Ok so for this excercise you are going to need a bottle with a bottlecap on it,although may have seen one of two videos on YouTube of someone opening a bottle with telekinesis such as GodSpeed09 and TrainMain101 but those are fake video what im going to tell you is how to open a bottle using telekinesis.So you are going to need a bottle with a cap such as a Coke bottle or a water bottle and you will also need concentration and focus and a quiet room to work in.So are you ready to begin your excercise ok your props needed for this are:A bottlecap with a cap on it,concentration,focus and the objective for this is to make the bottlecap open as if someone were using there hands to open it.Use your minds energy to make the bottlecap open using skills that you should acquire everyday such as concentration,focus,patience and last but not least PRACTICE.Now this isn't as complicated as my other excercises but THAT doesn't mean you don't need focus ofcourse you need focus however else are you going to get the bottle to open?Now if you see it open slightly then thats good.Good luck:-)

                                 -Johnny White

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