Ok so this session is just for anyone who wants to remove there own thoughts,cool isn't it well so what you need is meditation it will make your thoughts go where you want them to go so meditation isn't only for learning a psychic abillity it is for anything,this isn't even a psychic abillity your going to do it is ritual that Native Americans and African tribes practice,we all should meditate sometime in our life because it will make us feel very good and this isn't a skill that takes long to learn you may learn this in five minutes it all depends.So the props you will need are:Meditation,a quiet room and relaxation.So if you want you may if you have a mat you can set it up and sit on it.Now when you mediate try to make a big blank in your head where your mind is blank and keep it that way and chanting would be good and the thought you want to remove just think of only that and blank it out of your head.Cool isn't it one of the weird wonders of our world:)










        -Johnny White

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