Ok this is one of my favorite telekinesis/psychokenesis movements this one is the spoon bending this is a medium excercise but I recommend you do one of my beginner excercises before you try this one.For this exercise you will need a metal spoon. Wash your hands and sit down in a chair which is near a table. Make sure that you are sitting straight and your feet are firmly on the floor. Hold the spoon in your hand and visualize that the energy of the spoon and your energy is melding into one another. Then visualize that the spoon is bending because you are asking it to bend for you. Always make a request, don’t force it – either physically or mentally.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away. Spend about ten to fifteen to twenty to thirty minutes everyday doing this exercise and see what happens.Spoon bending is a hot topic and a reader, Johnny White, has written in the previous article about bending spoons, How to bend a spoon using your mind, about his spoon bending experience. Many other readers asked him to provide them pictures and detailed instructions. Below are his instructions plus some pictures of him and the bent spoon.

  1. Go in your drawer and pick out 10 or so spoons. And lay them out on the table. Use your feeling and let them tell you which spoon will bend. (I know it sounds funny but this is what I did the first time).
  2. When you feel you have the right spoon and mind you pick one that is fairly thin to start out with.
  3. Hold the spoon vertical and look at it and ask it to bend. Or say you will bend for me. Really believe it.
  4. Start your meditation. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in energy from the universe and imagine it as a golden ball above your head.
  5. Breathe out negative feelings and put the recycled air into your solar plexus. (The energy)
  6. Keep doing this for about 15 breaths while massaging the spoon just below the bowl of it.
  7. Make your self lightheaded while really concentrating on your breathing and producing energy and thinking the spoon will bend..
  8. Then at the point of when you feel you’re ready with all thoughts clear except the spoon get ready
  9. Look at the spoon for about 2 seconds and think you will bend for me, while still breathing, breathe faster and hype yourself up..
  10. Look out the window or at something for about 1 second and start to bend the spoon, and say very loud BEND! BEND! BEND! (really get into it) you will notice that the spoon becomes like rubber.
  11. Your spoon will feel like rubber and it will bend for you.
  12. After you have bent the spoon around two or three times, lay it down and wait about 1 min. the spoon will harden again.

I have noticed that the more people that are around you the collective energy will help you get there more. Make a lot of noise laugh I did this the other day and it was my fifth spoon and it felt like rubber. Have them touch the spoon before bending it.

You have to believe the spoon will bend. Tell yourself you have done this a million times already. After you have a spoon bent, keep it around you and whenever you have doubt look at it and remember that you did this and you can do this again.

You will bend the spoon, I promise.

The photos I have enclosed it of my fourth spoon bending. And yes there is a little physical force behind it, but not enough to bend it like the Matrix,it is but it might take some practice for that. You will do this. I promise and it does take practice. The secret is in the meditation. You are transferring energy to the spoon and making it apart of you, like bending your finger good luck:)









           -Johnny White


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