I know many people in this world who have fear not like the kind of fear in the horror movies but the kind of nervous fear like when you move into a new town, or you go to a new school and your in a big classroom I know how that felt before I overcome fear and you're probably wondering to yourself right now how is that possible? Well you know what it is because imp also going to be giving steps for how to over come fear so for this you're also going to be using your subconscious mind swell but this is going to be a quick session unlike my telekinesis sessions so just say one of you guys are going to a new school and you don't know anybody there so I know you may think these aren't good steps but really these are the steps that got me through fear.

So fist step:

1. Say to yourself Imp just like everyone else and imp not new to this school but you are but you're saying you’re not so you won’t have any fear.


2. Say it doesn't matter what other people think about me it only matter what I think.


3. Now last but not least say I don't let fear overcome me I have to overcome the fear.





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