So if you want to learn telekinesis and don't know where to start and you're looking to learn telekinesis right now then you're not at the right place because telekinesis takes a trial of effort you can't just practice telekinesis once and expect yourself to have telekinesis because that’s not how it works so let us get down to the basic of what telekinesis if ok so telekinesis is moving objects with the power of your mind and to do so you need focus and concentration and you need to visualize the object and you need patience and most importantly you need practice you see so now im going to be laying down steps of how to do that so meditation is needed I mean it's not needed but there have been people who learned telekinesis without meditation I meditated to learn telekinesis and ok meditate for 20-30 minutes a day and after you're done meditating go get a glass of water and after that you can sit down for 10 to 15 minutes and then go to a quiet room like a bathroom or a bedroom where there is no distractions then if you have a bottle cap or a pencil place the cap on a chair or table or even on the floor and if your using a pen/pencil put it on the floor or a bottle if you have one put it on the bottle and it will be like a psi wheel and use your mind by visualizing the object moving and focus on the object moving and if you start to see movement then the steps im giving you are right then you have followed my steps and even if you think it moved because a small vibration or something out of the ordinary don't let that doubt you're abilities more steps coming soon GOOD LUCK:)
-Johnny White

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