Third Eye Meditation Results and Side Effects

Third eye meditation has some side effects before you will get the result. After the third eye opening meditation you will very likely experience some side effects in form of pressure on your forehead, tingling feeling on your forehead or on your crown chakra, or you may get migraine. But this will only be temporary and is gone in a matter of hours or days. After that you should start getting some form of result. Of cause your third eye activation does not stop with the opening of the chakra. You still need to do some third eye meditation and stimulating it through reading and learning about it.


Pressure on Forehead

After performing the third eye opening meditation you may experience headaches. You may feel a pressure on your forehead while meditating or just during the day. It might just be a slight pressure or it can be a little more intense. This will pass in a few days, but is just an indication on that your third eye has been opened. You will need to keep activating and stimulating it with some third eye activation meditation to make it start working.


Tingling on Forehead and Crown

It is also normal to feel a tingling feeling on your forehead or on the crown chakra after you have performed the third eye opening meditation. This can continue minutes, hours or maybe the whole day. It is different for everybody.



Some people can also get migraine from this meditation, and it may last hours or a day. It is extremely important that you are certain that this migraine did actually start because of the meditation and was not there before. Migraine can be signs of many things and should therefore not be ignored, so it is strongly recommended that you see a doctor if you experience migraine.



By opening and activating you will be able to experience and develop psychic abilities. Your learning ability will increase and you will become more intuitive. You can also train you intuition with certain intuition exercises.

You can also develop other psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, healing etc. But the most important thing is to have a positive mind while meditating and exercising these abilities. Do everything out of love. You cannot create out of hate. Love is the main source of the energy in this universe.Even if you experienced or experience headaches that is totally normal that is a sign of your Third-Eye doing it's job.Good luck:)













                                 -Johnny White

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