Johnny Polikwapitwa White has made more than 5,000 Telekinetic movements using his abillity of Telekinesis and he creates this site for people to do the same that he did.He has also made some Pyrokinetic movements and Hydrokinetic movements aswell etc,due to his dyslexia it is hard for him to read objects and read letters and numbers.He is still stuggling with his dyslexia he has been since he was five years of age and now he is sixteen years of age so he has been struggling with dyslexia for eleven years and he is going to optometrist but he hopes it gets better.Johnny White is able to move and lift a thirteen pound brick and is trying to lift and move bigger objects to this day and he is eeing some success.He can bend a flame of a candle and spin and dance and extinguish a flame he is trying to start flames but with his school work and other stuff going on he doesn't really have time to practice as much or at all.He can bend and move and part water with Hydrokinesis he can't part big water but small decent water,he is also in the practice of Telepathy and he is trying to reach his goal for that he hopes soon he will be able to achieve that state.Johnny says "Who Can't Withstand An Enemy,Can't Withstand Himself"Because you are your own enemy.Johnny has been struggling for a few years due to his drug addiction.He has been addicted to Marijuana and Crack since the age eleven and he is sixteen now so for five years he has been struggling and he is doing the best he can to get off his addiction and habbit he is drinking drinks such as Monster Energy Drinks and RedBull and RockStar due to the caffiene that is produced in the energy drinks it gives you an awareness of what you are doing and sometimes it gives you advantages.He lets me Bridget A .Burns who is his helper for his website and his website worker and website designer.I have been helping Johnny with his website's since he hired me one year ago to get me and other people working on it

so I also work for his other website hopes for all people of the planet to take part in learning magic or a psychic abillity because like we all know we only have one life and we may aswell spend and use it wisely.I do have an email address you can email me at and I will answer back because I check it every day.Hope this was a wide and helpful article about Johnny White.





Best wishes!!!!!!










                                                -Bridget Burns

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