Ok so this is the main area you should examine before you start practicing telekinesis because you are going to need this for concentration so the concentration props you need for this are just regular house tools a pencil but for this time you don’t need a pencil for trying to get it to move but you need it to write something down so you will also need a Post-It note just one is find you may take to if you want but on the Post-It note write the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 but write 1 and 10 big and the rest of the numbers small and your probably thinking to yourself write now this is a waste of my time but no it's a good way to increase your concentration because if you don't have concentration you will never be able to cause movement in an object or control an energy field so that is why imp giving you these steps to did you write what I told you to? If you did then your ready to move on so this is a even better way to increase you're focus and at the end of this I will tell you how to use these exercises but this exercise will mainly be giving away when I explain it ok to the main goal is to stare at this picture of a Native American and stare mainly at it's face mostly but you will see yourself and you're probably thinking to yourself what is the point of this and saying what is staring at a picture of a Native American going to do to help me increase my focus but it's not about boring it's about doing it and what I mean by that isn't subconsciously but it's something we should all do so ok I think my lecture is good enough so here is the picture. The picture is onto so it will be easier so I bore you with my lecture Hahira joke but so what did you see in the picture if you saw a laughing ghost then you saw write but you should do these two exercises for about one month or two until you can gain you're focus but there is one more exercise and now you're thinking another exercise your serious? These exercises are good for not only telekinesis but a regular part of life ok so here is the exercise but the main goal is to stare at it for five minutes a day and you will start to gain more focus ok here it is. So you're probably wondering to yourself why I also have Native Americans on here well it is because I am Native American but that’s not the point the point is to gain more focus so what you want to stare at is the two Native American ladies and the Wolf but not the Cat that is what the main goal for this is to not stare at the Cat and the reason I gave you this picture is because your supposed to stare at the two Native American ladies and the Wolf but the Cat see I make it hard but not on purpose but to help you with the object because everywhere we go we are being bothered by noises by a truck ,car ,plane ,motorcycle ,helicopter and that make us bothered and off task but I guess this has been a good enough session so good luck:)







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