Ok so this excercise is a beginners excercise,what you are going to be doing is you will make pages of a book flip.Now the props needed for this excercise are a book I recommend a soft cover and easy pages because if you start with a hard cover you wont be getting that many results and start to assume failure.So you are going to be using your minds energy to make the page (s) flip and you need concentration,because remember you are using a muscle that has never been used before so it takes time to get used to it.So visualize the page flipping,I recommend good non-flippable page that will flip by itself.Also use your energy to push the page up or anyway you want it to go.You should meditate before you do this.Meditate for thirty minutes and remove all your thoughts from your mind and be only aware of your breathing and take deep-breaths.Before you know it you will be flipping the page WITHOUT touching it!!!!

Good luck!

                                          -Johnny White

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