Now this is the area I dislike when people tell you how come imp not seeing movement well to the you the truth this section will help allot so pay attention to what imp going to tell you go to your kitchen and if you have a water bottle or a soda bottle take the cap off go to a quiet room where you have no distractions ok take 20 deep breaths I know your thinking to yourself 20 now that’s allot yeah maybe that might me true but it will be one of the easiest ways to help you develop your telekinetic abilities after all this is what your looking for right? So after you're 20 deep breaths take a minute to relax and after that if you want to turn on some music or just go to YouTube if you're practicing in your bedroom and go YouTube and type in soft music or meditation music I get allot of contacts saying that music helps when I practice telekinesis and meditation. So you did the relaxation techniques now we have to get on with making the bottle cap move or push so set the bottle cap on a table or on the floor so now focus on you're energy pushing the bottle cap and also visualize the bottle cap move and your probably wondering to yourself well how can I focus on my energy making the bottle cap move well to think of it is pretty easy so look at the object imagine (visualize) the object moving using the energy of you're mind to move it and focus on the object moving and luckily enough you will see movement in the object:)






                 -Johnny White

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