Ok so for this exercise you are going to need a glass or metal or even a wooden marble if you have one so set it on the floor and your goal is to make the marble roll at a speed of five mph which stands for miles per hour. So you need to use you're energy of you're mind to make the marble move and at first even if the marble moves slightly that’s ok because you are doing what imp telling you. So what you will need is a marble a small one and sit on the floor you may sit on a chair and put it on the table just incase if you bang into the table and it moves due to vibration or a bang. So for this exercise you don't have to do any deep breaths but you do need to do one of my concentration exercises you have to stare at the Native Americans optical illusion picture for five minutes and if you see a smiling ghost then you are doing the exercises write and really who wants to be staring at a face especially of a smiling ghost but if it means it will increase your focus for telekinesis then you should and after you stare at the picture for five minutes the practice telekinesis with the marble for twenty minutes and in no time you will see movement in the object good luck:)






          -Johnny White A.K.A. MasterChueng

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