This is one of the easiest exercises of my telekinesis steps that I would say this exercise is the dice push now the point of this is to get a game dice if you have one and set it on a table yes a floor is ok but it might be harder to move so get a game dice and set it on the table and focus on it moving an inch or two so take for this exercise take 25 deep breaths ok I know that you're probably thinking to you're self 25 deep breaths now that’s allot but in actuality it is really good for your body and good for gaining focus and concentration so after you're done with the 25 deep breaths get up and get a glass of water and then sit back down put the dice on the table and focus and imagine (visualize) the dice moving and how to do this is imagine all the energy coming from your body and meeting up with each other and they are trying to make the dice move and I understand you may not see any results yet but it takes time. So did the steps work if not that’s ok because everything takes time that’s just how life is it may take a month or it may take up to a year it all just depends on how much effort you put to it and remember practice makes perfect for any questions or anything just contact me at good luck:)





           -Johnny White

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