Now this exercise is an advanced exercise for this you are going to need a thirteen pound brick if you don't have a thirteen pound brick or if you don't even have a brick you may use a big rock not like a one-hundred pound rock but a decent ten pound rock and if you haven't mastered my other exercises you must I mean must master those other ones before this because for this you are going to need to put in allot of effort and brain power to do this. Remember everything is made out of energy, you are using a muscle that hasn't ever been used before so it takes time to manipulate an object to get it to move. My recommendations and advice for this exercise is before you start this exercise is to at least master one or two of my other exercises before this so for say my Pencil float exercise and my Dice roll. So are you ready to start this exercise’s the supplies needed for this exercise is a thirteen pound brick or rock your choice and a quiet room or outside if you prefer outside then go outside and for this your are going to use your minds energy to make this move so imagine all your body’s energy meeting up with each other and then make your minds energy make the object move, also feel and imagine the object moving and of cause focus and concentrate on it moving. Even if it moves a little bit that is ok then it means you are doing what you are supposed to.
Remember it takes time to make an object to move guarantee the results wont happen right away because it usually takes hundredths of attempts maybe even a thousand attempts but it's up to you how much effort you want to put into it. Keep practicing and before you know it you will have the brick rolling and Grave Digger speed.
-Johnny White

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