Breathing meditation exercises prepare you for your meditation. Before you start the meditation, you first have to get your body to relax. Breathing exercises helps you to relax. It can be done in different ways. This sites will give you several of techniques to relax, so that you can chose the ones that work the best on you.

There are more than one breathing exercise, so let me give you some of them.


Breathing Exercise - 1

To get warmed up for the meditation, your body and your mind should first relax. Take a slow deep breath, and let the air go all the way down to your lower abdomen. Imagine the incoming air as a cold, blue wind that enters your nostril. Hold your breath for a second and feel the great amount of energy it brings to your lungs. Let it fill your body and then slowly let it out through your mouth, and visualize it as a warm, red wind, drained from all its energy. Take another deep breath, while imagining the blue cold wind entering your nostril. Repeat this breathing exercise till you feel relaxed.

During this breathing exercise your mind should be thoughtless. Your only focus should be on your breathing but your mind will probably be invaded with many irrelevant thoughts. Do not try to ignore them. You have to acknowledge them, and then you can let go of them. You could keep a note book nearby, to write the thoughts down, so that you can deal with them later, but try not to be to distracted.


Breathing Exercise - 2

This breathing meditation exercise is called the sponge technique and is extremely powerful for deep meditation. Sit up, or lie down and imagine, as you inhale, that you are not just breathing through your nose, but you are breathing through your entire body. Imagine that every time you breathe in, you breathe through your pores on your skin. Feel how your body expands as a sponge as you breathe in, and feel how the air exit you body through the pores.


Breathing Exercise - 3

Sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor (preferable on a chair, so that your feet are in direct contact with the ground). Sit straight and breathe slowly in through your nose, hold it, and let it out through your mouth. Get comfortable and relaxed. Now imagine that from underneath your feet, long roots come out and penetrate the floor, all the way down to the soil. Feel the direct connection. Now feel an energy flowing from the earth, up through your roots, through your legs and in to your entire body. Sense how you absorb the energy from the ground. How you drain it. Use this energy gathering technique in a chosen meditation, where you need to collect energy in a effective way.Guys this is a very good excercise for your Lungs,Mind,Heart,Respiratory System.Good luck and if you have any questions just Email me at or call me at 1(504)-278-0980:)











                             -Johnny White

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