Now this is one of my favorite things to move the coin roll I would say it is a beginners training so what you need is a quarter, penny, dime or a nickel and set the coin standing up make sure it isn't positioned to fall by itself and then use you're energy to make it roll or fall your choice and if it rolls or falls then you did the exercise right then now you can manipulate the object to get it to move. Before you start this exercise you need concentration and without concentration you will never be able so get an object to levitate or break an object or any other telekinetic sort. So now the concentration exercise is to stare at the Native Americans face and try to see a laughing ghost and try to see a laughing ghost for five minutes and if any thoughts come into your head then just shove them right out. So did you do the concentration exercise? Now you're ready to move on grab the coin and set it on the table and use you're energy to make the object roll and if it falls that’s ok because you still have to maintain your labiality to control the object so set the coin standing up sit down on a chair and close you're eyes for a few seconds and take some deep breaths if you want and then focus and visualize the coin rolling or falling you're choice. Did it move if not that’s ok because it takes time and effort and practice and patience? Good luck :)











            -Johnny White A.K.A. MasterChueng


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